Visual Essay 09 by Leif Prenzlau

As we slow down, decompress from the previous year and enjoy the long days of Summer, we thought it a perfect time to share our latest visual essay by Sydney based photographer, Leif Prenzlau. Leif was inspired by Post-Impressionist still life paintings – with their evocative use of colour and form, these striking images are beautifully lit to create a warm and calming mood. The use of shadow and saturated colour evoke a moment of pause and reflection – an ideal space to lead us into 2022.

"My background is in commercial photography, predominantly in fashion and portrait. Although, I've recently been shooting more still life and really enjoying it; in a commercial sense as well as having the creative freedom to make something up as I go. With these images I definitely had post-impressionist still life works in mind. I love how they focussed on the most simple of subjects and brought such a warm and calming feeling, keeping the artwork subtle while still using bold colours. I guess my inspiration for this series was to try and portray these same feelings in an image."

"I discovered photography through surfing with my friends growing up. While I was injured, I took photos of my friends surfing every afternoon after school."

Photography means a number of things to me . Sometimes I love that it can be art or a feeling and other times a memory

Leif Prenzlau