Comfort eating – the rise of the bowl

While the bowl has been the primary food vessel for many cuisines, it’s only become widely accepted globally within the last decade. Propelled by a growing focus on healthy dishes, the rise of bowl-eating has produced a raft of cookbooks and new, clean fast-food alternatives.

Bowls are taking over from plates as the go-to for most meal options. Dinner from a bowl feels hearty and filling. Food becomes more aromatic in a bowl – the closeness and act of holding the dish gives us comfort as well as nourishment.

Styling by Clementine Day and photography by Becca Crawford and Leif Prenzlau.

“If I could, I’d eat everything out of a bowl.” Nigella Lawson from ‘Simply Nigella’

The perfect bowl for you

With over 20 individual-sized bowls in our collection, we have the bowl to best suit your needs. From silhouette to function, we aim to make the choice as easy as possible for you.

Our highly versatile bowls are available in 4 silhouettes: Flared, Pebble, Nest and Noodle. We recommend you mix and match by size and function with your other dinnerware pieces – the choice is yours!

The Flared Series

Inspired by the first shape Shelley Simpson, our founder and creative director created on a wheel in 1994.

Refined and reimagined by Shelley to its current silhouette in 1999, this elegant and versatile piece is available in 6 sizes:

  • Salt Dish – perfect to store your jewellery or use as a small pinch pot for salt and condiments.
  • Flared Bowl Small - ideal for dips, nuts and olives.
  • Flared Bowl Medium – stacks perfectly and favoured for pasta and soup.
  • The Flared Bowl Cereal - designed with hearty breakfasts in mind. We also think it’s terrific for noodles, curries and salads.
  • Flared Bowl Large – best used for substantial salads or serving vegetables.
  • Flared Bowl Extra Large – a stunning sculptural piece that works beautifully as a serving bowl for a larger gathering.

The Pebble Series

The Pebble Bowl came about as a very fortunate accident while designing a light fitting based on an actual found pebble. The light’s base prototype broke in half and the remaining silhouette was, with a little refinement, the perfect flat-bottomed bowl. Over the years this very useful shape has been released in 5 sizes, ranging from:

  • Pebble Bowl Small - designed to act as a complimentary serving or side dish; perfect for holding the cheese for your pasta or raita for your curry.
  • Pebble Bowl Cereal - a favourite for anything from ice cream to snack-like portion sizes.
  • Pebble Bowl Medium - one of our best-selling pieces and our go-to for salads, pasta and curries.
  • Pebble Bowl Large - a hardworking piece that can act as a roasting dish and go from oven-to-table or house everything from your weekly fruit delivery to house keys and loose papers.
  • Pebble Bowl Extra Large - this piece, whose large size pushes the technical boundaries of porcelain casting, has since become a versatile, elegant go-to centrepiece.

The Nest Series

The Nest is our original salad bowl. Designed in 1999 for personal use by our founder and creative director, Shelley Simpson, the bowl is a beautiful serving piece with an elegant wide rim. Perfect for presenting salads, pasta or fruit, the Nest Bowl has established itself as a timeless favourite and available in 4 sizes:

  • Nest Bowl Baby - ideal for single serves of pasta or salad.
  • Nest Bowl Medium - holds a large, shared salad or side dish.
  • Nest Bowl Large - perfect for presenting salads, pasta or fruit.
  • Nest Bowl Extra Large - designed as a large statement piece for events and larger table settings.

The Noodle Series

Our Noodle Bowl series is the perfect everyday companion with a beautifully rounded shape for you to cusp in the palm of your hand. Available in 4 sizes.

  • Sugar Bowl - the smallest in the series and the perfect size for holding sugar or condiments.
  • Noodle Bowl Baby – ideal for ice cream but also works as a ramekin for dips and sauces.
  • Noodle Bowl Small - perfect for desserts, soup or side dishes at the dinner table.
  • Noodle Bowl Cereal - as the name suggests, was initially designed with mornings in mind; however, we also love it for noodles, stir fries, soups and sides.