Simply beautiful. Our handmade porcelain lighting adds warmth and a personal touch to any architectural environment. From intimate nooks to expansive spaces we have just the right lighting for your needs.

About our new Lamp Collection

Shelley had been musing on a Mud Australia Lamp Collection for years but knew that the design componentry needed a custom solution and the skills of an industrial designer. She first met Zac at an event in 2018 and, when she couldn’t get the lamps out of her mind, reached out in 2021 to discuss how collaborating with each other might work.

Crucial to the collection has been each designer's understanding of the other’s process. Over the design period, Zac conducted research on Mud's process and existing design language, even creating CAD models in his own studio to help finesse the intricate solutions needed. Shelley's expertise in pushing the boundaries of porcelain production proved invaluable in resolving structural issues and shaping the final designs. Throughout the process, both designers collaborated closely, offering ideas and jointly problem-solving to create new products that truly reflects their shared vision.

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Carbon Neutral Since 2020

With an elegant and timeless design aesthetic, Mud Australia thoughtfully creates porcelain homewares that are designed to last.

From our studio in Sydney we hand make every porcelain piece, actively building relationships with the people who buy and love our products across the world.

Sustainability is built into our design DNA. Our products eschew seasonality, complement any interior, and are made to last. All new additions to our range are designed to be useful and complement existing designs. We believe in conscious and responsible consumption, and this starts with good design.

We've always been dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and our commitment to become carbon neutral was proudly achieved by the end of 2020.

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Warm and directional

Illuminate your space and create a warm, welcoming ambience with our contemporary porcelain lighting. Perfect to complement modern interiors in homes and businesses alike, Mud Australia’s handmade pendant and sconce lights add a personal touch to any architectural environment.

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Pictured: Small Dome, Dome, Big Dome, Wide Dome, Flared and Hat Lights. Photography by Becca Crawford.

Handmade porcelain lighting, designed to last

Mud Australia’s porcelain lighting is proudly made in Sydney. Our pouring team is trained in-house and use a combination of experience and intuition to cast each piece. The beauty of our pieces can be attributed to the hand-made process and human touch.

Using porcelain clay sourced directly from Limoges, France, our 19 bespoke colours are mixed in-house. The pigment is tinted to the body at slip stage to provide colour depth.

Clear glaze is applied to the interior of each light, leaving the exterior with a vitrified stone-like surface that becomes smooth with handling.

Photography by Becca Crawford.

Choosing the best porcelain light to illuminate your space

Our Small Dome Light and Dome Light are designed to illuminate small and intimate spaces, perfect as a bedside light or for your home office.

The Hat Light and Flared Light creates a soft spotlight for spaces needing clear and functional light. Great to hang over a round dining table, kitchen bench or in the hallway.

Our Eclipse Sconce Light sits flat against a wall and provides a soft, warm light for quiet spaces. This fixture doesn’t need to be hardwired and can be hung like a painting.

Ideal for generous spaces, the Wide Dome Light and Big Dome Light adds drama and casts a striking effect over a large dining table or kitchen bench. If space allows, you can hang our large and small ceramic pendant lights together to create a clustered effect.

The handmade quality of our porcelain lights create a more organic nature in your space, adding a sense of personalisation and individuality into your home. Our lighting collection has been developed in tones to complement each other, offering a contemporary design solution to any architectural environment.

Pictured: Wide Dome Light and Eclipse Sconce Light. Photography by Petrina Tinslay.

Let us help you

Our experienced team can advise on the perfect Pendant and Sconce Lights to suit your requirements, either in person at your nearest Mud Australia store or via virtual design consultation - making your search for the perfect porcelain light even easier.


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